Projections that Give: Cauleen Smith’s COVID Manifesto (2020)

Malini Guha discusses filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist Cauleen Smith's month-long projection COVID Manifesto. She argues that, unlike methods of surplus accumulation that ensure neoliberal capitalism, the piece gives viewers time to pause, process, and grieve during the pandemic without asking for anything in return.

Cosmopolis and the Right to the City

In this essay, Thomas Nail explores the history of sanctuary cities, and proposes the notion of migrant cosmpolitanism as a means of achieving the right to the city.

Drag Queens in Kevlar, or The Right to Bear Arms in Queer Public Space

Queer public spaces are zones of intimacy and possibility. They spatialize desire in ways that foster new modes of being and wanting. When I read about the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse in Orlando, I saw with new clarity how the public spaces in which I have felt most fully alive can so quickly be obliterated.