• Mediapolis at SCMS 2018 - Live From Toronto

    Mediapolis at SCMS 2018 - Live From Toronto

Vol. 3 № 2

“Lo Internacional”: The International as Horizon for Legal Graffiti in Mexico


Caitlin Bruce examines the graffiti practices of a legal graffiti program in León, a city in central Mexico. Through her discussion of recent civic events, policies, celebrations, and news coverage dedicated to the program, Bruce shows how the international is a horizon of possibility, but also a looming constraint for the practice of public art.

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Student Voices

Urban Screens

The Ordinary vs. The Spectacular


In this essay, Maggie Farwig, a student at Indiana University, considers the ways in which screens manifest in the practices of everyday life in both ordinary and spectacular ways, creating both connections and disconnections and blurring relations between public and private.

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