Call for Contributions

Mediapolis: A Journal of Cities and Culture is now accepting submissions for all upcoming issues in all areas. Mediapolis is an online, interdisciplinary journal exploring issues related to media and urban culture. Our primary readership is academic, but we aim to foster a responsive, robust, and inclusive debate by publishing work that is broadly accessible to a public audience. To that end, Mediapolis is committed to a model of open-access publishing, and accepts work across a range of topics and formats including short response essays, provocations, and think pieces as well as longer research articles and reviews. We also encourage submission of scholarship across all forms of media: video essays, sound collages, photography, etc. All work published in Mediapolis is rigorously edited by subject-area experts, and original research articles undergo peer review.

We welcome submissions in any of our established features, publishing categories, and special sections as well as proposals for our more extensive Roundtable feature, where several authors engage in a sustained conversation about a single topic through two or more rounds of posts. (For an example, see our Roundtable on “small-gauge” scholarship.) For our upcoming issues we are particularly interested in proposals and submissions that address the urban as a mediation, media in relation to spaces beyond the urban, and the politics of public art.

If you are interested in submitting a piece, proposing a Roundtable, or contacting the editors, please email editorATmediapolisjournalDOTcom.

To learn more about Mediapolis and the work that we seek to publish, please read our mission statement.

For more on publishing guidelines and style issues, see our editorial policies.

If you are interested in submitting a review essay, please consult our review guidelines.

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