Doubly Displacing Media and the City

In this concluding response, Scott Rodgers explores the roundtable's apparent consensus that the intersection of media and the urban should be approached by counter-intuitively displacing both of these key concepts.

Ethnographic Vignettes From ICA 2016

Large 21st century conferences, such as ICA 2016 in Fukuoka, evoke the impressive growth and diversification of academia within, between, and across disciplines. Yet their "poison", if you will, is that they are so very large and up-scaled: potentially alienating; and clearly struggling with logistical complexity.

Small-Gauge as Remediating and Metamedial

With this entry in our ongoing small-gauge roundtable, Scott Rodgers examines how the divide between digital and analog media can help us think in a critical and self-reflective way about the form and the practice of small-gauge scholarship.