no. 2

Sense and the City: Liam Young’s Speculative Cinema, Part II

In this second round of responses in the Experimental Media in the City roundtable, Holly Willis encourages us to consider how mediated cities and mediated selves provoke an ethics of the computational and the ethically mediated self, as opposed to an ethics of the visual.

Demarginalizing New Media Maps

Alison Wielgus returns to the sites of the BAFC to view them through Google's digital maps and ask what still remains uncharted, and how mapping can be decoupled from older power structures in emerging media.

Experimental Media & the City: Part II

In this introduction to the second series of posts from the roundtable on experimental media in the city, Swagato Chakravorty contends that the intermediations between city and self have created a crisis of representation.

Sense and the City: Liam Young’s Speculative Cinema

Holly Willis explores Liam Young's "speculative cinema," showing how his work that integrates film, fiction, animation, marketing, games and documentary demonstrates an emergent cinematic form that defies generic boundaries whilst simultaneously reconfiguring the city.

Animating Infrastructures

Joseph DeLeon offers this report on the "Animating Infrastructures" panel at the 2017 Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference.