vol. 1

Ethnographic Vignettes From ICA 2016

Large 21st century conferences, such as ICA 2016 in Fukuoka, evoke the impressive growth and diversification of academia within, between, and across disciplines. Yet their "poison", if you will, is that they are so very large and up-scaled: potentially alienating; and clearly struggling with logistical complexity.

Drag Queens in Kevlar, or The Right to Bear Arms in Queer Public Space

Queer public spaces are zones of intimacy and possibility. They spatialize desire in ways that foster new modes of being and wanting. When I read about the June 12, 2016 shooting at Pulse in Orlando, I saw with new clarity how the public spaces in which I have felt most fully alive can so quickly be obliterated.

Empathy for Place

Over the River allows the user to experience the recently vanished landscape of Hunter's Point South, across from the Manhattan skyline. VR is employed to invoke empathy for a place, which takes on a political importance.

Investigating Global Cinematic Cities

In this introduction to our Q&A on the edited volume Global Cinematic Cities, editors Lawrence Webb and Johan Andersson talk about their project and the questions they asked their contributors in light of the instability surrounding both global cities and cinematic cities.

Thinking Media Through Space

In this installment of Q&A, the Global Cinematic Cities contributors explore how spatial perspectives encourage various "refocusings" of our critical lenses to open new facets of the relationship between media and the urbab, as well as the definition of each.