no. 3

Small-Gauge Cities

In this contribution to our small-gauge roundtable, Carla Nappi turns her attention to the city itself: what does it mean to practice small-gauge scholarship when "thinking of and thinking with" cities?

Small-Gauge as Remediating and Metamedial

With this entry in our ongoing small-gauge roundtable, Scott Rodgers examines how the divide between digital and analog media can help us think in a critical and self-reflective way about the form and the practice of small-gauge scholarship.

On Teaching: The Cinematic City

In this issue's On Teaching feature, Floris Paalman introduces a graduate seminar he taught on cinematic cities, and reflects on some of the lessons learned.

Threading the Labyrinth: Small-Gauge Approaches to the Urban

All our contributors have conceptualized small-gauge scholarship and practice as a challenge to the contemporary scholarly apparatus and as an extension of the self. Or, more accurately, as a challenge to the norms of the academy because it is an extension of the self.

Small-gauge as Environmental and Ordinary

With this contribution to this issue's roundtable discussion, Scott Rodgers prompts us to think about how small-gauge modes of communication and scholarship are reconstituting the "environment" of the academic world.

Small-Gauge Storytelling

In this entry to our small-gauge roundtable, Carla Nappi ponders the role of the scholar as an "explorer-stumbler," and the importance of storytelling as an act of worldmaking.

The Genealogy of Small Gauge

In this entry to the small-gauge roundtable, Kevin T. Allen explores the genealogy of the term "small-gauge" inside and outside of its media contexts, and discusses its applicability to his own work.