Die Sonneninsel (The Sun Island): European Growth, Ideals, Aspirations, and Intricacies

Floris Paalman takes a considered look at Thomas Elsaesser's documentary Die Sonneninsel (The Sun Island). The construction of the European Central Bank on the site of Frankfurt's former wholesale market – a building designed by Elsaesser's grandfather, Martin – offers an opportunity to probe architectural and family history, in what Paalman terms "auto-media archaeology."

Investigating Global Cinematic Cities

In this introduction to our Q&A on the edited volume Global Cinematic Cities, editors Lawrence Webb and Johan Andersson talk about their project and the questions they asked their contributors in light of the instability surrounding both global cities and cinematic cities.

Thinking Media Through Space

In this installment of Q&A, the Global Cinematic Cities contributors explore how spatial perspectives encourage various "refocusings" of our critical lenses to open new facets of the relationship between media and the urbab, as well as the definition of each.