On Teaching

On Teaching: The Cinematic City

In this issue's On Teaching feature, Floris Paalman introduces a graduate seminar he taught on cinematic cities, and reflects on some of the lessons learned.

Syllabus: Cinema and the City

What are the best practices for introducing students to the complex of film and urbanism? Does that change depending on who the students are, or what the instructor is working on? In this installment of On Teaching, Nathan Holmes presents two different "Cinema and the City" syllabi that he prepared five years apart for use in two distinct institutional contexts.

Syllabus: The “Inner City” in American Film

In this On Teaching feature, Amy Corbin explains the conceptual process, materials gathering, and schedule structuring that went into the creation of her undergraduate course on "the inner city," focusing especially on how she encouraged to grapple with and unpack the assumptions behind the course's central term.