Reading and Resource Lists

Mediapolis Reading and Resource Lists are annotated lists of critical literature, online resources, and audiovisual materials on a specific topic of teaching or research. We hope that they will be used as aids for teaching, to create dialogue around innovative areas of research, and to make scholarship accessible to the public. Any topic that fits the broad remit of the journal (media/culture and cities, space, place, architecture, geography…) is welcome.


  • List title
  • A header image (plus more images if you want)
  • Summary: 200–300 words
  • Sources in the list: 8–10
  • Source summaries: 100–200 words each
  • Each source should include a citation in Chicago Style format (for academic sources) and a link (publisher’s website or DOI).
  • Lists can include any material that is relevant: books, articles, films, television programs, videos, podcasts, web resources, or anything else that seems suitable.


  • Reading and resource lists are intended in the first instance as aids for teaching, but they should be written in a way that will make them appeal to scholars and non-academic readers. The summaries and annotations should be informative and engaging.
  • Lists should offer a curated, rather than comprehensive, list of materials on a topic. To fit the short format, the lists should be relatively narrowly focused rather than addressing broad areas of interest. They might correspond, for example, to a weekly topic on a syllabus, but they could also explore a niche research interest.
  • We encourage contributors to include audiovisual materials (film, TV, video, podcasts) and online resources in addition to books and articles.
  • Our reading and resource lists should aim to include a diverse range of voices. Their purpose is not to reproduce canons.


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