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Small-gauge as Environmental and Ordinary

With this contribution to this issue's roundtable discussion, Scott Rodgers prompts us to think about how small-gauge modes of communication and scholarship are reconstituting the "environment" of the academic world.

Small-Gauge Storytelling

In this entry to our small-gauge roundtable, Carla Nappi ponders the role of the scholar as an "explorer-stumbler," and the importance of storytelling as an act of worldmaking.

The Genealogy of Small Gauge

In this entry to the small-gauge roundtable, Kevin T. Allen explores the genealogy of the term "small-gauge" inside and outside of its media contexts, and discusses its applicability to his own work.

Small-Gauge Scholarship: An Introduction

Mediapolis co-editor Brendan Kredell introduces this month's roundtable discussion, on the concept of "small-gauge" scholarship. How do changes to the way we’re talking to one another affect the things we are saying to each other?

As Chicago Goes, So Goes the Nation?

Beginning the second round of our Policing and the Media roundtable, Brendan Kredell considers how the McDonald killing fits into a history of police violence in Chicago and across the nation.

The Past Remains Present

In this Policing and the Media entry, Joy Bivins explores the vulnerability of young black bodies and contrasts the legacies of Emmett Till and Laquan McDonald.

A Private Grief Made Public

In this post in our Policing and the Media roundtable, Margaret Schwartz considers how spectacular police violence imperils the right to grieve in private.

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