Media, Precarity, and the Home

Media, Precarity, and the Home: An Introduction (11th November, 2021)

Anna Viola Sborgi introduces the roundtable with some reflections on the meanings of housing precarity in urban centers and the recent proliferation of images of housing inequality in popular culture.

Is the Home Ever Not Precarious? The Long Arc of Genres of Precarity (12th November, 2021)

Tracing the historical roots of the current cinema of precarity via the image of the tramp, Pamela Robertson Wojcik argues that narratives about the “unhomed” have always been central to American film.

The Precarious Confines of Homeownership and Rights (17th November, 2021)

Caterina Sartori discusses how homeowners on the Aylesbury Estate in South East London have struggled to reclaim their property rights and the right to shape the public image of their home.

Constructing Precarity: Media and Social Housing in the French Banlieue (18th November, 2021)

Can cinema generate alternative visions of precarious life in the banlieue? Isabelle McNeill investigates scenes of domestic interiors that challenge the dominant media imagery of French social housing and its high rise architecture.

Envisioning Precarity in the American Midwest: RoboCop (1987) and the Horror of Vacancy

Tracing the history of uninhabitable homes in the horror genre, Adam Ochonicky connects Robocop’s narrative of precarious housing to media images of the Midwest as a blank or vacant space.

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