Dossier: The War in Ukraine

Dossier editor: Johan Andersson

Johan Andersson, Introduction: Sunflowers and Social Media

Johan Andersson introduces the dossier.

Rebecca Adelman, Camouflaging Ukrainian Women

Rebecca Adelman argues that news reports about Ukrainian women making camouflage tend to trivialize their contribution.

Catriona Kelly, Matter Out of Place: Rewatching Parajanov in 2022

Catriona Kelly returns to Sergei Parajanov’s Kyiv Frescoes (1966) to find that the film, intended to commemorate ‘the Great Patriotic War’, speaks to the current tragic moment.

Kelly McGee, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Celebrity Apparatus

Examining the impact of his fictional celebrity persona on recent global events, Kelly McGee explores how Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s presidency brings new considerations to the forefront of celebrity and media studies.

James Gregg, Creating and Enforcing Moscow’s Aesthetic of War

Contrasting sanitized representations of the war on buildings in central Moscow with accounts from Ukrainian media, James Gregg looks at the Putin regime’s attempts to control the narrative.

Maxim Alyukov, Online Patriots and Traitors: The War, Authoritarianism, and State-Sponsored Digital Vigilantism in Russia

Maxim Alyukov looks at how the Putin regime is encouraging digital vigilantism to crack down on anti-war dissent.