Dossier: Media In-Between

Dossier editors: Zizi Li and Slaveya Minkova

Zizi Li and Slaveya Minkova, Media In-Between: Introduction

In their introduction to the dossier, Zizi Li and Slaveya Minkova reflect on the concept of the “In-Between” as a framework for thinking about media, space, and place.

Andrea J. Kelley, Close Encounters: In-Between Screens and the Materialities of COVID-era Exhibition

DIY film exhibition proliferated during the Covid-19 pandemic. Andrea Kelley examines how makeshift screens and alternative viewing practices reveal the underlying materiality of moviegoing.

Patricia Ciccone, How to Keep a City Alive? Mierle Ukeles’ For→Forever… (2020)

From the Queens Museum to Times Square, the installations of Mierle Laderman Ukeles drew attention to the essential workers who kept the “empty” city running during Covid-19. Patricia Ciccone analyses Ukeles’s art and its concern with maintenance in the urban environment.

Zizi Li, Spectacle and Specter: Handling Boxes In Between Digital Content Creation, E-Commerce Advertising, and Last-Mile Delivery

Zizi Li examines imagery of stacked boxes in YouTube unboxing videos, reading their spectacular and excessive form as a spectral trace of labouring bodies in the logistics supply chain.

Slaveya Minkova, Imagined Cityscapes and Material Landscapes: The Urban and Rural of Barbarian

What happens when Detroit is reproduced in Bulgaria for a horror film? Slaveya Minkova examines the abandoned set of Barbarian and unpacks the complex connections and displacements between American cityscape and Bulgarian landscape created by globalized media production.

Slava Savova, Neither Nature Nor Progress: Unearthing Memories and Affects on the Flowering Benches of Kremikovtsi Open-pit Mine

Drawing on fieldwork, interviews, and audiovisual methods, Slava Savova examines the ecological and social legacies of the abandoned industrial site of Kremikovsti, Bulgaria, and reflects on its status as a perpetually in-between space of anthropogenic nature.

Jasmine Nadua Trice, Landscape and Time in The Rider (Chloe Zhao, 2017)

Chloe Zhao’s The Rider reconfigures the iconography of the western. Jasmine Nadua Trice shows how the film evokes indigenous sovereignty by challenging settler-colonial ideas of landscape and time.