Dossier: Slums on Screen

Igor Krstić, The Origins of Slums, Capitalism and the Shortcomings of Cinema

How have slums been represented onscreen? In the first installment of a three-part series, Igor Krstić considers the history of the cinematic representation of slums and examines the capacity of visual media to portray the complex relationships between capitalism and urban development.

Elmo Gonzaga, The Gamification and Domestication of Slum Voyeurism: From Poverty Porn to Aesthetics of Precarity

In the second part of our Slum series, Elmo Gonzaga probes the ethics of journalistic, cinematic, and gamified images of informal settlements in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

Ranjani Mazumdar, The Mumbai Slum: Aerial Views and Embodied Memories

In this third and final part of our Slums series, Ranjani Mazumdar discusses two recent films that have created “embodied cartographies” of Mumbai’s Dharavi.