Dossier: Scarcity and the Supply Chain Crisis in Media and Urban Culture

Tyler Klatt, Loading…The Streaming Industry in the Pandemic and its Supply Chains

In the first article on scarcity and the global supply chain crisis, Tyler Klatt explores how media industries have been affected by the global computer chip shortage related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Merve Ünsal, Archive as Pulp: In and through Kağıthane

Merve Ünsal explores the neighborhood of Kagithane (House of Paper) in Istanbul, Turkey, which was formerly a hub of paper production. Ünsal examines the paper crisis in Turkey through the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, which is also home to the Ottoman state archives.

Kate Fortmueller, Labor Immobility in Hollywood’s (Pandemic) Supply Chain Media

How have Hollywood’s production networks responded to disruptions in global supply chains? Kate Fortmueller examines the logistics of making film and television during the Covid-19 pandemic.