Mediapolis Live: Dora Apel on “Beautiful Terrible Ruins: Detroit and the Anxiety of Decline” (Part 2)

Our Mediapolis Live series continues with part two of an interview with Dora Apel, author of "Beautiful Terrible Ruins: Detroit and the Anxiety of Decline." Here, she and Mediapolis co-editor Brendan Kredell discuss the legacies of Henry Ford and Coleman Young in contemporary Detroit, and the critique of "creative class" urban planning.

Small-Gauge Scholarship: An Introduction

Mediapolis co-editor Brendan Kredell introduces this month's roundtable discussion, on the concept of "small-gauge" scholarship. How do changes to the way we’re talking to one another affect the things we are saying to each other?

Policing and the Media: An Introduction

Among the thirty seven people shot by police in 2014, it is Laquan McDonald’s death that has catalyzed public reaction; thanks to the existence of video documentation, we can see what happened with our own eyes. This seemingly simple observation belies a much more complex set of issues regarding the relationship between policing and media in the contemporary moment. With this roundtable, we seek to investigate those in some greater detail.