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Leaks and Rumblings: An Experimental Confluence of (In)Visible Rivers in São Paulo and London

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Jan van Duppen, Augusto Aneas, Aileen Harvey, Sandra Jasper, Laura Kemmer, and Claudia Andreoli Muniz investigate two veiled rivers in the cities of Sāo Paulo and London through creative urban experimentation, revealing the intertwined narratives of colonialism, urban planning, and more-than-human life.

Introduction: Creative Urban Methods — Generative and Situated Practices for Researching the City

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In their introduction to the Creative Urban Methods dossier, Sigrid Merx, Coco Kanters, Michiel de Lange, and Nanna Verhoeff advocate for revisiting “situated knowledges” and adopting creative approaches for studying the multifaceted nature of contemporary urban life and culture.