• Mediapolis at SCMS 2018 - Live From Toronto

    Mediapolis at SCMS 2018 - Live From Toronto

Vol. 3 № 2

“Lo Internacional”: The International as Horizon for Legal Graffiti in Mexico


Caitlin Bruce examines the graffiti practices of a legal graffiti program in León, a city in central Mexico. Through her discussion of recent civic events, policies, celebrations, and news coverage dedicated to the program, Bruce shows how the international is a horizon of possibility, but also a looming constraint for the practice of public art.

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Student Voices

Urban Screens

Culture in the Mediapolis


Helen Morgan Parmett and Conn Holohan introduce this installment of Student Voices. First, Helen Morgan Parmett discusses the themes of her seminar course, “Culture in the Mediapolis,” from which student essays in the section are drawn. Morgan Parmett emphasizes the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the course and her students. Holohan then provides an introduction to the short films students’ submitted as part of the section’s special feature on student responses to the pandemic.

Springtime 2020


Stanley Nugent, an MA student in Film Production & Direction at The John Huston School of Film, N.U.I.G., explores the effect of the lockdown on their 18 year old son in the film “Springtime 2020.”

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