Introducing Mediapolis Now

Photo by Aswin on Unsplash, 2018
Mediapolis Now is the new podcast channel for our journal, hosting interviews, event recordings and audio essays exploring the junction of cities, culture and media.

With this issue of Mediapolis, we are pleased to introduce our new podcast channel, Mediapolis Now. Hosted on Podbean, and available for subscription through most podcast distributors (e.g. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, Pandora), the channel builds and expands on the journal’s previous forays into audio content, which ran under the moniker Mediapolis Live.

Like its parent journal, Mediapolis Now puts media and the city into conversation. We are interested in how scholars, artists and other practitioners see the city (its practices, rhythms and motilities) through media use, exposure and desire; and who approach media (its forms, representations, infrastructures and industries) as intrinsic aspects of urban living.

The channel will initially host three series:

  1. Voices – interviews with thinkers and practitioners about their work at the junction of cities, culture and media. The first episode, an interview with Zlatan Krajina and Deborah Stevenson, is being published at the same time as this introductory post.
  2. Events – audio recordings of recent talks and symposia.
  3. Essays – featuring audio readings of selected Mediapolis articles.

New content within then Mediapolis Now series will be published like other journal content, within specific issues, but will also be collected in a new Mediapolis Now section.

If you have suggestions for possible content in Mediapolis Now, contact the Audio Editor, Scott Rodgers at

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