• The Urban As Emergent Key Concept for Media Theory

    The Urban As Emergent Key Concept for Media Theory

    A Roundtable

November/December 2016

№ 5

Die Sonneninsel (The Sun Island): European Growth, Ideals, Aspirations, and Intricacies


Floris Paalman takes a considered look at Thomas Elsaesser’s documentary Die Sonneninsel (The Sun Island). The construction of the European Central Bank on the site of Frankfurt’s former wholesale market – a building designed by Elsaesser’s grandfather, Martin – offers an opportunity to probe architectural and family history, in what Paalman terms “auto-media archaeology.”

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Urban Topographies of Global Imagination


In “Urban Topographies of Global Imagination,” Josh White investigates the geographical dimensions of global governance and its disjunction from the imaginaries of global communion that appear in contemporary popular culture, including the television program, Sense8. White’s analysis includes a critical examination of Michel Foucault’s “heterotopias.”

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The Urban as Emergent Concept in Media Theory

A Roundtable Discussion

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